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School Programmes from Musical YouthWe work with a number of schools and colleges across Leicestershire by providing engaging workshops and performances that aim to explore social issues that may not be currently covered as part of the schools programme.

Our current programme is based around Cyber Bullying and aims to educate children on the issues of internet safety via discussions and rehearsals leading up to a final performance to the entire school.

In addition to the educational message, the performing arts aspect of the programmes offer a range of benefits to the children, including confidence building, increased concentration,  team building and a platform to express themselves in a positive environment.

The programmes are flexible and can be tailored around a schools requirements, the general format of our current programme is as follows :

  • The children are introduced to the focus topic of the programme and are encouraged to discuss their current views and opinions.
  • A group of approx. 20 children are invited or selected to attend a weekly workshop.
  • The framework of a play is established and the children are given various roles.
  • The issue based topic is at the core of the play and is regularly referenced throughout the stages of the rehearsals.
  • The final play is performed to the entire school and ideally parents, this helps spread the message to a wider audience and allows further discussions to happen between parents and children on the programmes topic.

Previous Project Topics include:

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Internet Safety
  • Racism , Respect & Equality
  • Drug and Substance Abuse
  • Street & Gang Culture

More Information

If you are a member or parent interested in Musical Youth delivering one of our programmes at your school then please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this in more detail.


Safeguarding children is at the core of our activities. All of our tutors and support workers are trained professionals with DBS clearance checks who follow our safeguarding procedures and principles.


We have established good relationships with a wide range of public and private sector funding bodies who have been able to help support and fund our range of programmes into schools. Funding, particularly in the current economic climate is limited so we are always interested to hear from organisations and companies who may be interested in supporting us.

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