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Cyber Bullying Project

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Musical Youth Leicester in proud to announce the launch of our Cyber Bullying Project in Leicester. The project brings children from local schools in Leicester together to produce a play which explores the issues and effects of cyber bullying.

The final show will be performed in front of parents and schools involved in the project, which is currently Montrose, Granby and Marriott Primary Schools.

Montrose Primary School is hosting the rehearsals. Head teacher Andy Owens said this project has more than one benefit.

“It is to inform the children themselves and they will also perform it to parents and other children. It is a case of passing the message on.

“It is a also nice opportunity to get all children working together over something that is a growing issue in schools.

“It is a good example of schools co-operating across the authority.”

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The aim of the project is to :

  • Educate children on the issues around cyber bullying and the effects it can have.
  • Provide the steps children should take if they or someone they know is being bullied online.
  • Open the issue out for discussion in the school and community and raise awareness.
  • Share the information and feedback by performing the show with supporting information online.

  • We will be updating the site with more photos and videos from the play soon, so come back and see how it went!

    Like To See The Project At Your School?

    If you are a school or parent who would like more information on Musical Youth running this or any future programme at your school then please contact us to find out more.


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